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Founded in 1885 and located on the crossroads in Mickle Trafford, the Methodist Chapel was built by local families who were Primitive Methodists. Probably 'primitive' was used to clarify their self-understanding that they were the true guardians of the original, or primitive, form of Methodism.

Over the years the chapel has seen congregations of 50+, then a decrease to 2 or 3 in the mid 70s. This then surged again to include a Sunday School of 30+ in the late 70s. We currently operate with a fellowship of 12 communing members, though not all are present every week. There are a further 20 folk with family and friends on our extended Community Roll. We also have a Methodist graveyard at the bottom of School Lane.

We are committed to looking for ways to stay open both in an actual sense, and in a community sense, in an age where the challenges of today's social and technological age change daily.

We are striving to develop new ways to use our premises to promote a real sense of community through outreach and support. We are sure that this way of presenting and sharing our Christian witness will allow us to move forward into a future which though some might consider lacks definition, nevertheless promises to be both exciting and ever changing.

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